Open Minds Tutoring is here to help your child thrive in school and learning. We provide individualized instruction and support, custom tailored to the learning style, abilities and educational goals of your child. We focus on core competencies, building self-confidence and developing passion for life-long learning.

We believe that every child is inherently intelligent and eager to learn, given the right approach and support.


We work to make a genuine and meaningful connection with your child that will foster their academic curiosity and draw out their abilities.

We tutor children grades K-8, are well versed in the subject content and understand the common core curriculum expectations of each grade level. We tutor children in math, reading, writing and language arts, and can also provide assistance with beginning French and Spanish, social studies and science.

Parents are balancing multiple responsibilities and may worry that their child is missing classroom teachings or schoolwork. We are here to help assure that your child understands the concepts being taught in school and keeps up with assignments and homework. We can assist with organizational skill building to help your child stay on track with school work throughout their life.


The founding educator


The founding educator for Open Minds Tutoring is Kara Black, BA Ed., MPPM Yale University, MA Psych, K-8 WA Teaching Certificate. Kara has been mentoring, teaching and tutoring young people for 35 years. Kara takes great delight in supporting young people to blossom into their best selves, both academically and socially. Her passion for her work creates an environment that is engaging and safe for children of all ages to explore and enjoy their subject matter.

Research has shown that one-on-one tutoring is the best tool for increasing a child’s academic performance, confidence, and knowledge. We look forward to helping your child get the most they can from school.


Be assured when I say that Kara Black is definitely a great choice as a mentor and tutor. She did both for me in my youth. I had a hard time focusing on and understanding school work. The patience she showed helped me excel in school. Mentoring was amazing; she taught and showed me so many new things I’d never nor would have ever experienced. 30 years later she’s still a valuable influence in my life.


I am so thrilled that Kara is offering her services for young people. As a parent of a young person whom Kara has mentored, I cannot speak highly enough of her kindness, thoughtful wisdom, and genuine care and concern for my son’s growth and all-around well-being. I would absolutely recommend Kara without any reservation to any young person in need of some wonderful guidance and support.

Ellen N.